Konstruisto: Week #3 – Fighting road textures

Honestly, this week was quite unproductive, speaking of new features. I managed to resolve most of the problems with textures (but it’s still WIP, there are some minor artifacts). I wrote needed geometry checks for the roads; standard intersections render correctly. The rest of the time went for some refactoring and code cleanup necessary to paint on ground tiles. Pushed 16 commits, total 107 (over 100, yay!).

Just like Manhattan, where’s Central Park? 🙂

There is no video preview this week – not enough content to show.


  • Rendering roads with intersections
  • Roads-buildings geometry
  • Code cleanup, refactoring etc.

Code repository

Go and see https://github.com/kantoniak/konstruisto. You can build from there or download binary release below. There are Star and Watch buttons in the sidebar (right).


Windows x64: Konstruisto v0.0.0-fdf997c DEBUG WINDOWS
Linux x64: Konstruisto v0.0.0-fdf997c DEBUG LINUX


Esc - pause state
~, 1-3 - change time speed
Ctrl + 1-9 - set new buildings height
Q, E - rotate view
G - toggle grid
N - toggle normals
Left click and drag - place building
Right click and drag - move view
Mouse scroll - zoom


--fullscreen - run in fullscreen mode
--width=XXX - set inital window width
--height=XXX - set inital window height

Next week

Next week I will have little time to develop the game because of studies. I hope to finish the roads. I will catch up with features later, I promise 😉

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