Konstruisto: Week #5 – Free lots, transportation graph

To move forward I started working on zoning. There is a new type of object representing a lot. Buildings will grow on these later. Currently, there is no zoning by mouse, even though option appears in the menu. Regarding roads, I started road network graph. I think I will finish intersection rendering next week. Pushed 10 commits, total 131.


  • Lots, rendering lots
  • Road network graph (WIP)
  • Refactoring

Code repository

Go and see https://github.com/kantoniak/konstruisto. You can build from there or download binary release below. There are Star and Watch buttons in the sidebar (right).


Windows x64: Konstruisto v0.0.0-cc9633d DEBUG WINDOWS
Linux x64: Konstruisto v0.0.0-cc9633d DEBUG LINUX


Esc - pause state
~, 1-3 - change time speed
Ctrl + 1-9 - set new buildings height
Q, E - rotate view
G - toggle grid
N - toggle normals
Z, X, C, B - switch tools
Left click and drag - place building
Right click and drag - move view
Mouse scroll - zoom


--fullscreen - run in fullscreen mode
--width=XXX - set inital window width
--height=XXX - set inital window height

Next week

I will finish rendering intersections. I want to finish placing zones by mouse and start simulation queue.

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