Get Noticed! 2017 – Summary

I managed to write this blog for 10 weeks during the action!

I’m so happy about it!

The project

I encountered some problems along the way, but I’m impressed with what I could achieve, especially in the first phase of the project. You can read more here. Konstruisto is still alive and I plan to develop it until some playable version. I started to publish updates infrequently, I guess once a month or so is enough.


I wrote 29 articles, including nine project updates. There were three really popular tutorials:

What is interesting, the best articles were not planned at all. I just felt like writing a few words about the topic.


The blog has been more popular that I expected. Between March and May, it got over 4100 page views from more than 2500 people. I got visitors from 76 countries. One-third from Poland, but there are some more exotic locations like Taiwan, Chile or Barbados.

Future plans

I will think about a custom theme for my blog. I want to include some non-technical stuff, and I have to consider how to organize the content.

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