Konstruisto: Weeks #8 & #9 – Added tests, first Blender model

Since the last post, I took some time to better prepare environment. That means there are no new features. I pushed only two commits, total 160. I did set up Google Test and modified makefile to include missing DLLs for Windows releases.

My first low poly model

I also started playing with Blender to make some models. It takes a lot of time and there are lots of new things to learn, but I managed to finish a simple hospital model. I don’t know yet what should be published in the repository for blender models and I didn’t decide on file format yet, so it’s not included in the repo.

I don’t publish builds this time.


  • Set up Google Test framework
  • Fixed missing DLLs for Windows releases
  • First Blender model

Code repository

Go and see https://github.com/kantoniak/konstruisto. You can build from there or download binary release below. There are Star and Watch buttons in the sidebar (right).

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